Communicate in sports!

In the time of social media when attention span is dodging the 5 seconds barrier, we see people frantically immersed for hours in sports, as fansd and athletes.

In such an information-overloaded time, we see sports as a bastion for high emotion, entertainment and the way to authentically connect brands and causes with people.

Who we work with?

Brands and sponsoring companies, on the other hand, do it the old-school way, buying and engaging mostly with their branding name, and less integrating it into the overall experience of participants and fans that rights holders gather around their aces.

Rights holders

If you are wondering why you can’t win new users or partners in the right place? Whether you are organizing an event or selling membership to your fitness club, it is no longer enough to create a Facebook event or send a power point with your offer to 100 companies. Welcome to the sports market of Serbia 2.0


Engaging brands in sports has never been easier. Connecting with rightsholders, clubs, talents, events in an engaging way, through creative activations, brings to the brands attention that is actively measured and contributes to the commercial goals of the busness.

But let’s not forget, sport is first and foremost an emotion. Sport is something that has attracted incredible attention since the first Olympics, provoking admiration, identification, loyalty, courage, struggle and victory over the norm, opponent or what every participant in the sport experiences: winning over themselves and moving what was considered impossible.

The business of sports is, more than ever entertainment though this principle has been present since “bread and games”.

Any rights owner, but also a brand that understands it on time, will be of great advantage in the Serbian market where sport is still a social-worker category and in which things are organized according to the same habits tens of years back. FOCUSES on TECH

Information Technology is radically changing our lifestyle and living habits. But it also changes and will disrupt sports. Athlete performance, fun engagement, OTT and broadcasting, 5G, smart trackers and wearables, e-sports are trends we must choose for our projects if we do not want to be destroyed by the companies like UBER, Airbnb, Tesla.

Broad sports marketing and sponsorship industry can be highly impacted by focusing on most prominent leveraging points. This secure effective usage of sponsorship budget and high ROI in the sponsorship strategies, giving the funs and participants additional values.



Festilization is the new buzzword, but we know it from before: user experience is the king! Regardless you are a rights holder or brand you must be the director of a show featuring superheroes. What can we do to direct this show when the attention is divided into a million distractions?



Instead of negotiating where the sponsor logo will appear on the T-shirt or around the stadium, creative partnerships should be sought in activations that are striking, viral and that create share incentives. Activations are the answer for giving value for sponsors and rights holders!



For the first time in the history of sports, mass events (road running, triathlons, trail…) create the opportunity for brands to engage not only fans but also event participants. How do you enter this market?


Digital natives

Generation Z is a generation of young people born from 1995 who grown up with mobile phones and broadband Internet access. How do they consume sports and how can we engage them through sports?

Our work in Serbia

Regardless the sports sector in Serbia still (1) lives in socialist time with unchanged sport system and ownership, (2) the leaders lack modern competencies (productive management, innovative finance models, marketing and sponsorship…) and (3) that sports are still full of uncommercial and secret schemes, the new trends are coming to sports trough IT, new media, marketing approaches and the way new generation consume and participate in the sports.

We believe that technology and knowledge-based sports economy will disrupt the sports market in Serbia. Uber and Airbnb globally disrupted the taxi and booking services, so the knowledge will make brands and rights holder change. Those who don’t will still be dependent on politically arranged budget and sponsorship money, with a low level of impact and effectiveness.

Unfortunately, or inevitably, this approach is experiencing massive failure in all spheres of society. Resistance to change will be futile, as new generations of young people, digital natives, become primary customers segment to the sports industry. The change will be painful. in Serbia works with (1) rights holders (clubs, associations, event organizers, athletes), (2) brands, (3) sports media and (4) government institutions (secretaries, associations, tourist organizations, etc) who see little longer in the future and have the organizational capacity to learn, to prepare for this changes.