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Serbia Business Run

SBR is the largest sports and business event in the history of Serbia. A team building event that through running connects more than 700 companies and 15,000 employees in 4 cities in Serbia. Serbia Business Run is a platform that encourages and rewards companies that are sustainable and responsible for their lives and business environment. It's also the biggest sustainable race in Serbia.

sportit element strelica bela

Our great idea is to make recreational swimming more attractive and popular in Serbia. Something we already did with running. To start this long journey, in cooperation with one of the world’s largest swimming franchises, we are hosting x-waters events in Belgrade. For the first time in history, we have enabled swimmers to swim unhindered around the Sava Lake and get a medal for it. Definitely a unique open water experience worth training for.

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Dionysus Experience

Dionysus Experience is a taste of divinity – an adventure that leads you on a hike through the wonderful vineyards, followed by picnic-like matine with food and wine tasting in the breathing wineries. One day event finally ended with the Dionysus party with a mellow, cozy, and intimate rhythms to move your body in the evening summer breeze. Dionysus Experience will take you on a journey that turns your hard-earned weekends into full a rich-life experience.

sportit element strelica bela

#beactive i.e European sports week is held every last week of September around Europe. Our goal is to design, advertise and organize Night run during the week. Through innovative, fun and engaging courses we attract around 300 runners each year.

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