We believe that sport is the most powerful platform for emotional and authentic communication with people. And, communicating in sports has never been easier. Whether you want to reach a sports-active audience or want to communicate your commercial goals through it, we offer you the development and production of an integrated sports and well-being campaign as part of your marketing mix.

Brands and companies

Communicate through sport effectively and authentically

Brands struggle to find the best rights holders to put their marketing and sponsorship strategies in a place. Once the contract is signed, brands often lack resources to work with a rights holder to activate the sponsorship and create value, both for them and funds and participants. We support this process working both with rights holders and brands in LAUNCHING SPONSORSHIP DEALS big time.

  • Creating or upgrading your integrated marketing plan with sports activities and sports auditorium campaigns.
  • Mapping the sports rights holder ecosystem and securing sponsorship deals by endorsing athletes, events, or organizations as a channels of your marketing strategy.
  • Crafting the creative message, a campaign, visuals, and identity, a story, that will impact the media and be welcomed to sports auditorium.
  • Creating an integrated sports communications plan consisted of PR, activations and events, digital, performance and influencer marketing, that could be implemented by us, other agencies, or your in-house team.
  • Creating activations proposals defined by your budget. Sponsorship activations are key to your sponsorship deals.
  • Sponsorship and sport media awards applications. Great sponsorship deals with great activations should be noticed both in the sport and marketing professional community.

Sports rights holders

Full support in the development of your assets

Are you an event organizer, club owner, a young athlete (sports right holder) who is failing to reach your business or marketing goals We can PUT YOU ON SPORTS MAP by building your assets (your name, social media channels, your story, visual look…) so you can become bigger than a sports, profitable business.

  • Development of communication strategy, through goals, target groups, visual identity, and key messages
  • Creating an integrated marketing plan through PR, digital and influencer marketing, utilizing storytelling, sales funnel or whatever is needed so you can kick ass.
  • Creation of fresh content (blogs, photos, video, native PR, social media posts, IGTV…)
  • Visual identity and branding (logo, business cards, posters, social media templates …)
  • Creating a sponsorship strategy and partner mapping
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google
  • Advanced Advertising (Retargeting and Conversion tracking)
  • Community management (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Photography and video production
  • Athletes and influencer endorsement of fitness & sports (casting, contracting and realization )
  • Building an Instagram database and growing the number of followers
  • Website development (creating, hosting, domain buying, SEO‚Ķ)

Management & consulting

Outsource sports management to us.

Are you organizing a sports championship and need a volunteering service? Or you need a marketing sector? You can outsource it to us. Do you have and idea for a company or humanitarian run, sports conference or competition, marketing campaign, or kind of work in sports that need your resources, but you are not willing to develop those competencies fulltime in your company? Outsource it to us.

  • Develop an event or business strategy with a unique sales position, create event feasibility stud and pricing strategy
  • Turnkey complete event management and production our outsourcing one or several sectors (marketing, e-commerce, logistics, volunteering, hosting…)